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BRE Consulting services are offered by Barron Ernst. My goal is to help early stage companies who are in need of product management or general management advice.
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Services Offered:

Product management executive leadership and advice. Capable of stepping into a PM role, PM leadership role, or advising the existing product or management team on:

  • Product management best practices
  • How to structure the product organization
  • Product strategy (including device, traction, growth, conversion)
  • Success metrics and how to establish them
  • Team building, mentorship, and hiring
  • Role of product vs other parts of the organization
  • How to structure product management for success
  • Mobile product development and ongoing improvements in the mobile space
  • Contract negotiation and partnerships to accelerate product and technology strategy

General management advice for early stage companies

  • Advice on fundraising and how to consider early stage investments
  • How to think about the early employees and leaders you need to be successful
  • Customer Acquisition and channels for company growth

Growth and Retention Expertise and Team Building

  • Funnel optimization from acquisition through conversion and checkout (CRO)
  • Email and notifications strategy (spanning all aspects of email including selection of email service provider, internal build out of email tools, email timing and strategy, business fit and strategy for email, etc.)
  • Growth in the social and viral space

Who is Barron?

12 years of product management experience at both executive and individual contributor levels spanning:
  • Financial technology
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Marketplaces
  • E-commerce
  • Streaming Video and Content
With specific expertise in:
  • Email and Push (Retention) Technology, delivery, and strategy
  • Mobile app development
  • Acquisition and top of the funnel
  • Monetization, commerce, bottom of the funnel
  • First Time User Experience
  • Hiring and retaining a product team
  • Setting overall vision for the product organization
  • Establishment of key metrics for the product team
Associated services offered:
  • Developers who are able to help with mobile app development, website development, and product development
  • Design contractors with deep experience with current product design trends in web, mobile, and tablet
  • Additional access to leaders in marketing, SEO, analytics, and other areas.

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